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New production, Ancestors has started taking shape this autumn –  we are generating visual simulations of future human generations from audience members. Ancestors is continuation for Captured (2021), diving deeper in the narrative potential of digital doubles.

Presented at VRDays, IFFR and IDFA

Ancestors PitchDeck_promotion.ppt - Compatibility Mode - PowerPoint 05_12_2022 15.41.38


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Cosmetic Space selected to CPH:LAB, an incubator for digital documentary projects organized by CPH:DOX, Copenhagen. The project will be developed together in the lab with Quicksand, a game studio based in Goa.

Life as an image

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Life as an image is a participatory simulation, where people model a 3D double from themselves. Digital doubles are animated in a historical scene as actors, whose activities and gestures are controlled by real-time animation system. The artwork deals with new, hyper-realistic capturing and 3D modeling techniques and their social implications on human relationships. You can follow the prototype production at

Cosmetic Space

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Oioicollective received funding from AVEK Creademo to produce a prototype from Cosmetic Space research project, which we have initiated together fall 2014. Cosmetic Space is modular and portable 3D sensing/projector technology, which illuminates space and people with interactive ornament.

Cosmetic Space is a collaboration between me and OioiCollective.