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Inhabiting the image

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Alexa Steinbruck from Storytellers United interviewed me, Alap Parikh and Tyler Henry about Captured. We discuss about narrative possibilities of realtime 3D face reconstruction – technology and collaboration across three different continents. Read the story ->

EEVR #21 Community meeting

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Captured – narrative simulation with AI controlled doubles. Presentation together with Marko Tandefelt at EEVR #21 Community meeting hosted by MEDIT – TLU Center of Excellence in Media Innovation and Digital Culture, Tallin, Estonia. Dec 15, 1 pm.


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Cosmetic Space selected to CPH:LAB, an incubator for digital documentary projects organized by CPH:DOX, Copenhagen. The project will be developed together in the lab with Quicksand, a game studio based in Goa.

Life as an image

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Life as an image is a participatory simulation, where people model a 3D double from themselves. Digital doubles are animated in a historical scene as actors, whose activities and gestures are controlled by real-time animation system. The artwork deals with new, hyper-realistic capturing and 3D modeling techniques and their social implications on human relationships. You can follow the prototype production at